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Sweat. Believe. Roar.

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Sweat, Believe, Roar.

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Absolutely love this program! I feel like Sinead is right there with me motivating me through each workout because of her videos! It's great to be able to see on the spot exactly how to do they exercise and I can use it whenever I travel. I love it!

Cassy @Bassycaker

Videos inside your guide. Genius! I feel so much more comfortable training at the gym now because I can visually see exactly how each exercise should be performed. I also enjoy Sinead's quirky videos. It shows she's human and you can see how passionate she is about helping people. Thank you Sinead!

Gemma Barry@gemma.barry.121

Fitness Professional – Former Professional Tennis Player – Educator

My aim is to guide individuals from all over the world to reach goals they thought were once unachievable and making those goals a reality. I want to bring out the self confidence that may be shying away in individuals so they feel fierce on the inside and strong on the outside. I am here to help educate you about your body and teach you the skills to make your move and feel better through functional and traditional training methods as well as transform into a fit, toned, lean machine.

Whatever your fitness goal may be, I want to help get you there no matter how big or small that goal is. I want to create a supportive community for individuals to share their journey’s and help keep them accountable.

Your body is capable of more than you could imagine. Are you ready to discover just what you’re capable of?

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Vegan, Vegetarian, Ovo-Vegeterian…..Which one suits you best?

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There are many factors as to why someone may want to cut meat or animal products from their diet: Religion. Health reasons. Wanting to help protect animals. I am incredibly…

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